Aladdin Artists creates, directs and produces entertainment, centered around the performing arts, film and television. First established as a music management/production company along with a sister company Seabirds Music Publishing, they were the place where management, production and publishing was provided for the artistic works of a 17-year-old trumpet player (Richard L Gant) who founded them on the advice of the late Donald Byrd, who at the time was also Chairman of the Jazz Studies Department and Howard University, where Richard was enrolled.

Over the years Aladdin Artists has maintained that role and expanded its involvement to take advantage of the enormous synergies that technological advancement in digital applications allows for capturing and distributing entertainment.

Aladdin Artists now looks at opportunities for composition across multiple media disciplines and for various artists, actors, dancers and other performers and performances.

Currently in Production: The Documentary Carnaval Brasil.


RL Gant develops sports, entertainment and media marketing platforms

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